St. Mary's River Watershed Restoration Action Strategy

Trail around St. Mary's Lake

What's a WRAS ?

  • WRAS is an acronym for Watershed Restoration Action Strategy.
  • A WRAS is a short, comprehensive natural resource-based prioritized action plan that states specific goals, objectives, and commitments to guide actions of the public, watershed organizations, land trusts, and government to preserve and restore habitat and water quality in a watershed.

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Why should we do a WRAS for the
St. Mary’s River watershed?

  • The WRAS will point out specific areas, issues, and actions that can result in measurable environmental improvements in the watershed.

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Driftwood along the lower St. Mary's River


When will the WRAS project take place?

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Who’s involved?

  • The project is being coordinated through a partnership between St. Mary’s River Watershed Association, St. Mary’s College professors, and St. Mary's County planners, with participation from businesses, environmental groups, and interested individuals like you. Learn more.

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What is the process used to develop a WRAS?

  • First, update and verify available environmental data on the watershed and identify additional data needs.
  • Second, identify stakeholders and their concerns.
  • Third, identify problems, needs, and opportunities (PNO) for watershed restoration and protection.
  • Fourth, develop well-stated comprehensive goals, objectives, and commitments that can address the identified PNOs.
  • Fifth, develop a prioritized action plan, identifying specific tasks, responsible parties, the costs and potential funding sources, and a schedule for implementation.

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